WEBINAR RECAP: All About Air Supply Accessories

On September 29, 2020, General Air Products gave a presentation that put the spotlight on the accessories essential to the air supply equipment for dry & pre-action sprinkler systems. The one-hour webinar covered air maintenance devices, motor line starters, pressure switches and more, from installation, maintenance, and into a discussion about their applications from a field-level perspective.

As always, participants were able to compete for prizes by using their new knowledge in a post-webinar quiz. Congratulations to our Top 10!

1st –  Vincent Favale / WSP

2nd –  Brandon Mayhew / ADT Commercial

3rd – Mark Taylor / American Sprinkler Company, Inc. 

4th –  John Beuchel / Vintage Archonics Inc.

5th –  Duane Fox / Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office 

6th –  Jim Chimento / Merit Sprinkler Company

7th –  John Allen / Johnson Controls

8th –  Floyd Luinstra  / Oklahoma State University

9th –  Ronald Banach / Allied Fire & Safety

10th – Aaron Baer / Johnson Controls

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RECAP: Fire Pumps/Controllers and Air Supply Equipment Webinar with SPP Pumps

Our latest free webinar covered everything you need to know about fire pumps and controllers and air supply equipment. Scott Monroe from SPP Pumps joined us virtually and gave participants an overview of all the information required to properly size a fire pump, as well as requirements and installation practices for a variety of NFPA-20 fire pumps. Ray Fremont, Jr. from General Air Products followed that up with a presentation that reviewed the pros and cons of various dry pipe filling technologies and gave participants a rundown on how to decide which type of air supply is best for your application.

All participants were eligible to try their hand at a post-webinar quiz to test their knowledge and compete for prizes. Congratulations to the Top 10:

1st –  Josh Spokely / American Fire Protection Group

2nd –  Richard Owen / American Fire Protection Group 

3rd – Fernanda Navarro / American Fire Protection Group 

4th –  Luke Marleau / LM Fire Consulting Inc.

5th –  Todd Walsh / American Fire Protection Group 

6th –  Mack Foster / Northstar Fire Protection

7th –  Cory Carpenter / Paradise Fire Protection, Inc.

8th –  Brandon Mayhew  / ADT Commercial

9th –  William Kelly II / Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office

10th – Michael Stiles / LR Kimball

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols at the Fire Sprinkler System Training Center

General Air Products is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to guidelines and safety protocols set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC. The health and safety of trainees, presenters, and General Air Products employees are of the utmost importance to us at all times, and since fire sprinkler industry training requires hands-on courses, we have implemented various safety protocols that will be strictly enforced for the protection of anyone using our Fire Sprinkler System Training Center. Know that providing a safe training environment is our top priority, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this effort.

What We’re Doing

Cleanliness: The Pennsylvania Department of Health requires thorough cleaning of the training area on a daily basis. General Air Products will have a designated custodian thoroughly clean the space the morning of each training day, prior to attendee arrival.

Temperature Screening: General Air Products will take the temperature of every person entering the Training Center upon arrival. If an attendee is shown to have a high temperature, they will not be allowed to enter the building.

PPE: General Air Products will supply Nitrile/Latex gloves that must be worn when touching or testing product, or handling commonly used and shared training equipment.

Social Distancing: General Air Products has installed plexiglass dividers on all classroom tables and will limit seating to just two attendees per table in order to adhere to social distancing measures. During the pandemic, our 40 seat classroom will max out at 16.

Sanitation: General Air Products will provide hand wash in the bathrooms and hand sanitizer throughout the training facility. All attendees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible.

At the beginning of each course, a General Air Products representative will go over all safety protocols and rules while attending training and will be available for any questions and concerns while at the Training Center.

What Attendance at the Training Center Looks Like

General Air Products requires that our training partners and guests limit the contact they have with our employees. As such, all attendees and presenters must remain within the defined training areas at all times  (115 B Classroom, 115 C Sprinkler Lab) and may not enter office spaces.

All attendees must wear masks upon entering the building and for the entirety of an attendee’s time within the building. A mask cannot be removed until a person has exited the building and is a safe distance away from others.

All attendees must adhere to social distancing requirements and class sizes will be restricted in order to make this possible. A distance of six feet is required at all times inside the building.

Attendees may not congregate in common areas.


We view live, hands-on training as a pivotal service within the Fire Sprinkler Industry. In order to ensure that we and our Training Partners can continue to host industry professionals while providing the safest environment for training attendees and General Air Products employees, these protocols must be observed. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out before or during your training course. We look forward to seeing you soon!