RECAP: Codes and Standards Webinar with AGF Manufacturing

fire sprinkler industry codes and standards free webinar with General Air Products and AGF Manufacturing

We kicked off the month of September with our latest joint webinar, teaming up with AGF Manufacturing to present a two hour session reviewing and discussing the most up-to-date codes and standards in the fire sprinkler industry.

The General Air Products portion of the webinar honed in on the requirements for air supply equipment and accessories in dry and pre-action systems, especially when it comes to nitrogen generators, dry air generators, air compressors, and air maintenance devices. In their presentation, AGF Manufacturing clarified the codes and standards in regards to air vents, auxiliary drains, and Inspector’s Test Valves in fire sprinkler systems.

Once again, we offered all participants the chance to take part in a post-webinar quiz to test their knowledge and compete for prizes. Congrats to our Top Ten!

1st –  Stephen Bruce / Fire Technology LLC.

2nd –  Michael Newell / Belvedere 

3rd – Jacob Kress / J.F. Ahern Co. 

4th –  Jim Chimento / Merit Sprinkler Company

5th –  Peter Mottola / Jensen Hughes

 6th –  James Barnickel / Nova Fire Protection

7th –  Mike Showalter / TD Industries

8th –  Joseph Rainey  / Mason & Hanger

9th –  Bryce Benham / Security Solutions

10th – Mike Russell / RCI Systems, Inc.

We’re continuing our free webinar series throughout the Fall, so please be sure to check our events page for information on upcoming learning opportunities!