Cold Storage Webinar Wrap-up and Quiz Winners Announcement!

Last week we hosted a webinar dedicated to fire protection in cold storage facilities. Each dry pipe system filling technology — compressed air, dry air, and nitrogen — comes with its own pros and cons. Our webinar discussed the freezer room and cold storage facilities factors that make dry air the clear choice for freezer room air supplies. Attendees left with an understanding of how air supplies affect the functionality of freezer room and cold storage dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems and how to make sure that the unit continues to run efficiently and effectively.

Following the webinar, all participants were able to test their cold storage dry pipe sprinkler system knowledge with a quick quiz. The top three scorers earned prizes, and we wanted to offer a big congratulations to the entire Top 10.

1st –  Stephanie Vandervate / American Fire Equipment

2nd –  Keith Mazzone / Castle Fire Protection

3rd – Michael Baj / NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control 

4th –  Robert Lombardo / Platinum Fire Protection

5th –  John Andrews / Central States Automatic Sprinklers, Inc.

6th –  Deric Luetkemeyer / Extreme Fire Protection

7th –  Michael Combs / City of Geneva, NY Fire Department

8th –  Ben Young / Telgian, Inc

9th –  Traci Huffman / AXA XL

10th –  Curt Cullmann / Boyer Fire Protection

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