Recap: Fire Marshals and AHJs Join Us In the Training Room

Last year, the General Air Products Training Center welcomed Fire Marshals and AHJs for a full day of free training that focused on their interactions with fire sprinkler systems. It was a packed day that included presentations from AGF Manufacturing about the role of air vents, auxiliary drains, and inspector’s test valves in fire sprinkler systems; General Air Products, in which the difference between a fire protection air compressor and a retail air compressor was discussed; one by Tilley Fire Equipment on various topics including a review of sprinkler shop drawings and a breakdown of what is required on sprinkler plans; as well as a comprehensive session on the proper uses and installation practices of CPVC plastic pipe by BlazeMaster.

The day of training also included a visit from the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Live Burn Trailer. Participants were able to watch in real time what happens after a sprinkler head is tripped during a fire. 
And although we’re happy to see all of our training attendees, the best participant award for this course definitely goes to Gracie from the Reading Fire Department — our first K9 trainee! Gracie works with the Reading FD to detect accelerants in arson investigations. She sat in on our training course and now is hopefully as well-versed in a variety of fire sprinkler equipment and best practices as all of our participants. Our AHJ and Fire Marshal training course was productive for all involved — K9 and human students alike!