RECAP: Fire Pumps/Controllers and Air Supply Equipment Webinar with SPP Pumps

SPP Pumps and General Air Products fire pumps and air supply webinar

Our latest free webinar covered everything you need to know about fire pumps and controllers and air supply equipment. Scott Monroe from SPP Pumps joined us virtually and gave participants an overview of all the information required to properly size a fire pump, as well as requirements and installation practices for a variety of NFPA-20 fire pumps. Ray Fremont, Jr. from General Air Products followed that up with a presentation that reviewed the pros and cons of various dry pipe filling technologies and gave participants a rundown on how to decide which type of air supply is best for your application.

All participants were eligible to try their hand at a post-webinar quiz to test their knowledge and compete for prizes. Congratulations to the Top 10:

1st –  Josh Spokely / American Fire Protection Group

2nd –  Richard Owen / American Fire Protection Group 

3rd – Fernanda Navarro / American Fire Protection Group 

4th –  Luke Marleau / LM Fire Consulting Inc.

5th –  Todd Walsh / American Fire Protection Group 

6th –  Mack Foster / Northstar Fire Protection

7th –  Cory Carpenter / Paradise Fire Protection, Inc.

8th –  Brandon Mayhew  / ADT Commercial

9th –  William Kelly II / Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office

10th – Michael Stiles / LR Kimball

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