Recap: A Training Session Just for Fire Sprinkler Industry Newcomers!

One of the most exciting training courses we’ve hosted at the Fire Sprinkler Training Center at General Air Products thus far was Fire Sprinkler Training for Newcomers to the Industry held in February 2020. Open to any and all industry staffers who needed an understanding of field work, assistants becoming technicians in their own right, and employees getting their start at a job site; registration for this course filled up quickly as people looked for a course that covered all the basics. This one-day intensive did just that.

To make sure our newcomers course gave participants a true overview of the industry, we invited guests to discuss both wet and dry sprinkler systems. Vince Powers, representing the National Fire Sprinkler Association, led two separate sessions, one on wet system risers, and one on dry pipe valves — both sessions had attendees getting hands-on in our live equipment lab. In addition to Vince’s presentation on dry systems, Ray Fremont, Jr. from General Air Products led another session focused on the variety of air compressors available for fire sprinkler applications in which he had our industry newbies setting air maintenance devices, adjusting pressure switches, and even mounting compressors on the riser. It was a great way to give participants hands-on experience with equipment they’d encounter out in the field. 

All attendees were also given a detailed rundown of inspector’s test valves and auxiliary drains thanks to AGF Manufacturing, who made sure everyone left knowing how to properly troubleshoot this equipment in the field. Finally, all students in this course received their CPVC Pipe Certification after a session with Sean Pearce from Lubrizol who covered the advantages of using BlazeMaster, while focusing on CPVC installation training. 

After a full day, all of our industry beginners left with a solid foundation on fire sprinkler equipment and tools, as well as some valuable industry connections.