Fire Sprinkler System Training Tailored to Your Needs

Custom Fire Sprinkler System Training with Cintas, 360 Fire Protection, and Oliver Fire Protection.

When we say that the Fire Sprinkler Training Center at General Air Products can be used for custom training that meets your company’s needs, we mean it. Since opening, we’ve had a whole host of fire protection contractors set up custom training sessions to ensure their employees got the most possible out of a day spent in the classroom and live equipment lab. For instance, when Anchor Fire Protection and Bear Industries wanted to utilize the training center, they created a day-long course that focused on electrical training, and picked specific vendors that could tailor presentations to that subject. 

Custom fire sprinkler system training at the General Air Products Fire Sprinkler Training Center in Exton, PA.

Similarly, Oliver Fire Protection wanted to bring in their designers to get training on specific products and a better understanding of their role in the fire sprinkler system. Representatives from General Air Products and AGF Manufacturing presented their product lines and then brought the designers into the live equipment lab for hands-on training with the parts they’ll actually be using in their designs. What better way to understand the equipment going into your designs than by seeing what they look like and how they operate in-person?

Even if you don’t have one specific topic in mind, you can still customize your training: When contractors like Cintas, 360 Fire Protection, and Keystone Fire Protection designed their training courses, rather than selecting one specific topic, they selected specific vendors to come in and give their employees an in depth understanding of those products — hands-on and comprehensive information that goes far beyond the brochure and sales pitch. 

A fire sprinkler training course is most productive when the topics and equipment covered are pertinent to your continuing education needs, and with our Fire Sprinkler Center’s large classroom, equipment lab that contains products from various manufacturers, plus our connections throughout the industry, we’re able to work with you to create the type of training course you’re looking for.