NICET Certification Points & The Fire Sprinkler Training Center


Recognizing NICET recertification as a continuous need for Fire Protection professionals, General Air Products became a NICET Recognized Training Provider this past year in conjunction with the opening of our National Fire Sprinkler Training Center. With this Recognition, General Air Products and our industry partners are able to provide NICET CPD points through both our in-person training sessions and our online webinars.


NICET Certification holders in the Fire Protection Industry must collect 90 NICET CPD (Certified Professional Development) points every three years to maintain their certification. Their points can be collected a number of ways – through their full-time employment, attaining a new level of NICET certification, or attending training and gaining continuing education hours.

One NICET CPD = One Hour of Fire Protection Training

Everyone who attends our fire sprinkler training sessions can receive a certificate of completion, both for their own personal reference and to maintain an accurate record of the NICET CPDs we awarded, the subject matter of the course, and the date(s) of completion. Since those seeking NICET recertification are asked to maintain accurate records of their CPDs, as a NICET Recognized Training Provider, we aim to make that process easy on the students who come through our fire sprinkler training programs.

Training Certificates

We’re very proud to partner with one of the industry’s most prominent Fire Protection Certification providers in NICET. Give us a call at 800-345-8207 or shoot us a message to talk about specific courses we provide, how many NICET CPDs our courses will administer, or schedule NICET Recognized Fire Sprinkler Training for your team!