Residential Sprinkler System Accessories with BlazeMaster Webinar Wrap-up!

General Air Products H2hOme and BlazeMaster CPVC pipe in residential sprinkler systems.

On August 4, General Air Products teamed up with BlazeMaster from The Lubrizol Company to give webinar participants an in-depth presentation on residential sprinkler system accessories.

The General Air Products’ portion of the afternoon was dedicated to the H2hOme®. We gave attendees an overview of this all-in-one 13D pump and tank configuration, including discussing best practices for installation, testing, and maintenance.

Sean Pearce from BlazeMaster went over the advantages of using BlazeMaster, as well as presented on compatibility issues regarding plastic piping in residential 13R and 13D applications.

After the webinar, all attendees were able to participate in a post-webinar quiz to test their knowledge. Congratulations to the Top 10, listed below:

1st –  Cristian McComb / Millennium Fire Protection 

2nd –  Kelsey Callow / Viking Fire Protection Inc. 

3rd – Jared Perry / TKG Fire Design & Consulting LLC 

4th –  Abrar Naseer / National Fire Equipment

5th –  Vincent Favale / WSP 

6th –  Chris Smith / Fire Sprinklers Inc.

7th –  Jim Melton / Nelson Fire Protection

8th –  Rob Stewart  / Vanguard Fire & Security Inc.

9th –  Brent Spivey / Fire Technology LLC

10th – Nicholas DeGeorge / DG Design (Fire Sprinkler System Design)