Recap: All About Residential Sprinkler Systems

In July of 2019, we turned our training focus on Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems. To really drive home the importance of fire safety in the home, the National Fire Sprinkler Association brought their new fire sprinkler valve training trailer right to the front doors of the General Air Products Fire Sprinkler Training Facility for its first LIVE burn demo. Participants were able to view a live burn and watch first-hand as a residential system kicked into gear. The demo truck is an invaluable teaching tool that has also been featured on national TV in Times Square and we were thrilled to have it as part of our training.

Other sessions throughout the day included a course from Viking on Residential Sprinkler basics, including NFPA 13D and 13R residential applications, as well as a discussion that focused on the specific application of attic sprinklers. AGF Manufacturing joined us for a session on their Residential RiserPACK floor control assemblies, and they delved into installation, testing, and best maintenance practices for their equipment. 

Rich Tabeling from Lubrizol also met with training course attendees to talk about using BlazeMaster, being sure to discuss compatibility issues regarding plastic piping in residential 13R and 13D applications. Additionally, participants were introduced to General Air Products’s 13D residential pump and tank system, the H2hOme®. The hands-on session covered installation, testing, and maintenance of the H2hOme® and other 13D pump and tank configurations.

It was a packed day spent in the classroom, equipment lab, and outside with the NFSA live burn demo trailer, and participants left with a full overview of the most up-to-date info and training on residential fire sprinkler systems.