WEBINAR RECAP: Fire Sprinkler Systems in Cold Storage Applications with Reliable and General Air

With summer winding down and colder days on the horizon, what better time to have a webinar focused on fire sprinkler systems in cold storage applications? Brandon Telford from Reliable delivered a presentation called “Freeze the Food, Not Your Sprinklers” in which he discussed NFPA 13, FM DS 8-29, and alternative systems engineered specifically for areas subject to freezing.

That presentation was followed by one from General Air‘s Ray Fremont Jr, in which he went through the factors that make dry air the clear dry pipe sprinkler system filling technology choice when it comes to freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. The discussion was tied together with a thorough review of operation, installation, and maintenance procedures of dry air generators, with a specific focus on our brand, the Dry Air Pac.

All participants could take part in a quiz based on the two presentations and in the end, ten people came out on top. Congratulations to the winners!

1st – Michael Mackey / SRI Fire Sprinkler, LLC 

2nd – Brent Carver / Shambaugh & Son

3rd – Randy Finke / Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. 

4th –  Alfonso Resendez / Sciens Building Solutions

5th –  Jeffrey Garrison / Elite Fire Safety

6th –  Steve Bell / Utah State University Public Safety Fire Marshal

7th –  Joseph Bennett 

8th –  Michael Wingler / ORR Protection

9th –  Don Brinkerhoff / State of Utah

10th – Deo Chapin / Johnson Controls

We have more webinars coming up — head over to our calendar to find out when!