WEBINAR RECAP: Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems with the AFSA and General Air Products

This month, General Air Products hosted a webinar alongside our friends at the American Fire Sprinkler Association that discussed several aspects of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems. In the “Comparing and Contrasting Residential Requirements in NFPA 13/13R/13D” presentation, AFSA reps John Denhardt and Kevin Hall spoke on the similarities and differences between the three sprinkler installation standards (2019 editions). The discussion covered scope and purpose, allowable materials, water supplies, listing requirements, sprinkler types, and design approaches.

General Air Products Director of Sales Dave English then presented on NFPA 13D pump and tank systems. He discussed when and why a residential pump and tank system is needed and went over how to properly size one for a residential sprinkler system. Installation, testing, and maintenance was also covered.

Afterward, participants in the webinar could test their knowledge in a post-webinar quiz. Below, see who scored in the top ten.

1st – Mark Newsom / Sobieski Life Safety 

2nd – Brad Potter / SRI Fire Sprinkler

3rd – Deo Chapin / Johnson Controls

4th –  Jeff Garrison / Elite Fire Safety

5th –  Yasser Ragab Moursi / Consulting

6th –  Randy Finke / Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc.

7th –  Joe Temler / Sobieski Life Safety

8th –  Mike Haley / Bryant Group

9th –  Jacob Martin / Bloomingdale Fire Protection

10th – John Stack / Siemens

We’ll have more webinars rolling out this fall and winter — stay up-to-date on our schedule by visiting our events page.