• Alex P.Alex P.Sales, Alberta, Canada


    It was a very informative and instructive seminar.

  • Joe T.Joe T.Fire Protection Designer, Middletown, DE


    Thank you for providing these excellent webinars!

  • Paul S.Paul S.Consultant, Denver, CO


    Thanks for the awesome presentation!

  • Joseph H.Joseph H.CET, Addison, IL


    Many thanks to General Air Products for hosting these webinars! They’ve been a good learning experience and have helped me stay on top of the topics covered.

  • Ben M.Ben M.SET, New Brighton, MN


    Thank you for your continuous efforts toward training in our industry. It’s really important and I hope folks are taking advantage of these opportunities.

  • Rob M.Rob M.Project Engineer, Minneapolis, MN


    A big thank you for your on-going webinar series. Our entire fire protection group has been attending all of the presentations and learning so much.

  • Andrew F.Andrew F.Fire Protection Specialist/AHJ, Buffalo, NY


    As an AHJ, the General Air Products webinars are a great resource to have!

  • Kevin L.Kevin L.Engineer, Issaquah, WA


    Thank you for hosting the webinar, it was very informative!

  • Stephanie V.Stephanie V.Designer, Phoenix, AZ


    The General Air Products webinars have been great!

  • Jeffrey V.Jeffrey V.669 Sprinkler Fitter, Las Vegas, NV


    I’m really enjoying your webinar series — we’re even looking into implementing some of these ideas into our own training program!

  • Cory Y.Cory Y.Designer, Minneapolis, MN


    Thanks for putting on the Sizing webinar! It was one of the most useful webinars that I’ve attended.

  • Marcel C.Marcel C.Project Engineer, Concord, Ontario


    The Cold Storage webinar was excellent and highly informative.

  • Frank C.Frank C.Technical Director, Baltimore, MD


    While working from home, it’s been great to be able to take advantage of these webinars and get some NICET points. I can really hear how much you enjoy presenting the material.

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